DevelopmentTransforming Legacy Microsoft Access Databases and Banking Systems

Transforming Microsoft Access banking applications, combining disparate systems, and increasing operational efficiencies through legacy software modernization.


When a luxury real estate development company decided to innovate a decades-old Microsoft Access-based private-banking application, they needed a partner who understands complex financial and accounting processes; not just the code base needed to make a product function.

Tevpro was selected to recreate and modernize its private banking application for future generations.

Technology Stack

Technologies used to re-architect this application include TypeScript, Node, NestJS, Angular, Bootstrap, Prisma, and SQL Server.

The Challenge

Our client utilized a 20+-year-old Microsoft Access database application to handle critical internal accounting and private banking processes. The original developers were nowhere to be found and maintenance was a constant challenge. The complexity of the application meant a simple conversion was not possible and it must be rewritten in modern technology. The application relied on intricate interest calculations and financial modeling that required Tevpro’s accounting and financial expertise.


Tevpro was hired to re-platform and re-architect the legacy MS Access application to a modern web application. The client provided a copy of the current application to reverse engineer as no design documentation existed from the original developers.

Tevpro’s team quickly got to work rewriting custom VB code and re-architecting Access tables into SQL. Our team recreated queries, forms, and reports to deliver a TypeScript/Node application based on NestJS backend and Angular/Bootstrap front-end in half the time and budget of previous proposals.

The old application utilized separate access databases for Savings accounts and Trust accounts and required users to duplicate efforts in each system. Tevpro was able to combine these databases into a single database, giving them a single source of truth and less redundancy.  Applying modern finance principles, Tevpro developed beneficial guardrails for the application to prevent user error and lockdown accounting periods after the month-end close.

Overall, the transformation efforts have freed up finance resources so the firm can shift focus on key performance drivers. The extra time savings allow for value-added analysis and has provided increased efficiencies which is a huge win for the entire organization.

Advantages of modernizing legacy banking applications to the Web

  • Automation helps decision-makers gain confidence in the reliability of their reporting.
  • Automated updates to server code are available to all users
  • Secure and designed for remote workers
  • Users can work in parallel and easily collaborate
  • Accountants and analysts can redirect efforts from ‘report building and preparation steps’ to analyzing their business.
  • A reactive web application that works on any device
  • Non-proprietary, modern technology that is easier to deploy, support, and hire resources to maintain long into the future

Final Thoughts

Do you have an existing banking application that needs support or your business has outgrown the application completely? Tevpro developers can help you modernize your legacy software, combine disparate systems, and revolutionize what's possible by re-architecting your application to the web or cloud.

Which legacy application is your company holding onto that could be preventing you from operating more efficiently? Tell us about your application challenges. We’d love to hear from you.