DevelopmentMobile Technology Advances Houston Oil Firm – Case Study

Company Overview

A global oil firm’s field operation was long overdue for modern technology advancements and sought a field mobility solution to increase field worker efficiencies and reduce operational costs.


Oil wells, pumping stations, tanks, and equipment were maintained by hundreds of onsite field technicians. A 24-hour call center would collect and monitor sensory data from the field, and dispatch technicians by phone when machinery needed repair and maintenance.

It would take hours, sometimes days, before an alarm was received and the right field tech was notified. Once dispatched, technicians carried laptops to access data sources scattered among multiple legacy SCADA systems.


The firm turned to Tevpro to build a native mobile application to leverage real-time field data, increase field worker efficiency, and reduce the operational cost of maintaining a 24-hour call center.

Using Angular, Ionic Framework, and C# .NET, Tevpro built custom processes to extract data from vast oilfield sensor networks and SCADA systems and provided real-time access to analyze this data in the Microsoft Azure cloud.


Field technicians can access live data from mobile or tablet devices. They can see when equipment needs attention and are able to collect, analyze, visualize, and share large amounts of time series data across all operations.

The app can assign tasks to the technician to perform systems testing, document equipment status, and notify task owners when complete. Push notifications, and alerts via text message or email will detail information about their dispatched assignment.

Field technicians use the new app to receive auto-generated service tickets from hundreds of sensors at well sites, obtain suggested solutions and safety training, upload photos of the repair, and track hours worked.

To ensure a response to these alarms, we created an escalation service. If a technician fails to respond to the alert within 10 minutes, another alert is sent including line managers. This process will continue until something is done to rectify the alarm.

Benefits of the Field Mobility Application

  • Saves time to respond with real-time alerts and immediate technician dispatch.
  • Improves productivity and efficiency of field technicians.
  • Leverage real-time access to analyze field data in the cloud.
  • Saves money by reducing the reliance on call center administrative processes and minimizing operational downtime.

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