Why Your Business Needs A Progressive Web App

3 min. read

Before Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) gained popularity, Native iOS and Android were all the rage. But, like all technology trends, we see shifts in adoption and use cases. Increasingly, businesses are turning to PWAs because of their native app-like experiences, functionality, and cost-effective approach to development and maintenance. We have grown to love PWAs, and many clients we speak to are not aware of the significant advantages, so here are some situations where we might recommend PWAs to our clients:

Cross-Platform Compatibility:

PWAs are written using web standards and technology (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), so we can efficiently spin up PWAs that can run on any device. Your PWA will run on desktops, mobile, and IoT devices, reaching a broad audience across different devices.


Developing one PWA can be more affordable than building multiple apps on different platforms (iOS, Android, Windows). Native Apps must be written for IOS and Android devices, which will increase development time and investment. You can reach users on various platforms with a single PWA, reducing development and maintenance costs.

Progressive Enhancement:

At Tevpro, we pride ourselves on designing and building software that will stand the test of time, and PWAs are made with a "progressive enhancement" approach. This means they will work on older browsers and devices while providing a richer experience on modern ones. This future-proofs the application to some extent.

Improved User Experience:

We love providing quick and easy wins for our clients. PWAs offer a smooth and responsive user experience, often resembling native apps. Features like offline access, push notifications, and quick loading times enhance user engagement and satisfaction. Clients appreciate the ease of use, speed, and improved digital experience.

Faster Deployment:

No one likes to wait for app store approval. PWAs are easier and faster to deploy than native apps because they don't require submission to app stores. You can update a PWA centrally on the server, eliminating the need for users to update the app manually. This simplifies the maintenance process. This agility is particularly beneficial when your client needs to quickly launch updates or new features.

Easier Installation:

Installing a PWA is as simple as visiting a website; users don't need to go through app stores to download. Additionally, PWAs generally occupy less device storage compared to native apps, which can be appealing to users with limited storage space on their devices. This reduces the friction associated with app installations, leading to higher adoption rates.


PWAs are served over HTTPS, which ensures data security and privacy. This can be crucial for clients dealing with sensitive user data.

SEO and Discoverability:

PWAs are discoverable through search engines, which can improve your online visibility. They can attract more organic traffic since search engines can index the content within a PWA. Additionally, Web-based applications offer better analytics and tracking regarding user behavior and engagement, providing valuable insights for your client's business.


PWAs can handle a large number of users without the need for major infrastructure changes, making them scalable for clients with varying levels of user demand.

Final Thoughts

When choosing the best approach for your business, consulting with an agnostic technology partner is essential. At Tevpro, we like to dive deep and learn more about what is important to our clients and how they wish to improve their business processes. We believe that taking the time to think through the pros and cons of every possible solution helps our team build optimal strategies and avoids the time and hassle of turning the ship around midstream to fix preventable problems.

Whether you are considering a Native, Cross-Platform, Hybrid, or PWA, we love to provide the pros and cons of each option.

If you are looking for a technology partner with an unbiased approach, reach out to us. We'd love to hear about your initiatives and provide a quote.