We built our careers around Hyperion. So why are we betting big on OneStream?

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For nearly 40 years, Oracle Hyperion has been the juggernaut of enterprise performance management (EPM) software, helping customers to consolidate data and produce accurate, reliable results.

But when the key developers of Oracle Hyperion software broke off from the business intelligence giant to build their own platform, which eventually became OneStream, people began to pay attention.

We first started hearing about the commotion of OneStream back in 2012. Once the investment firm KKR took interest and gave it a unicorn valuation, OneStream began ranking high in Gartner reports and “Fastest-Growing Tech” blogs.

Now, OneStream is a grizzly bear lurking less in the shadows and more out in the open. Oracle should pay attention, because OneStream is coming for its market share.

Oracle Hyperion falls short

While Oracle Hyperion was good for its time, the common user sentiment is that it hasn’t kept up.

“Customers are painted into a corner when it comes to reporting and user interfaces, '' said Clint Holt, Managing Director at KTX Solutions. “There is virtually no way to create custom, event-driven processes using native functionality. There is only one way to execute calculation scripts on the data.”

On the other hand, OneStream is much more open.

“We can create dashboards that can marry financial and operational data, initiate processes, and graphically display data in a fully customizable format. We’re also able to create integrations to other systems much easier than in the Oracle tools,” said Valerie York, Director of EPM Applications at Tevpro.

“In general, I’m able to build and automate reliable processes in OneStream that help everyone who’s served by the data, '' continued York. “I like to think that my work helps decision-makers to gain confidence in the reliability of their reporting, and allows accountants and analysts to redirect their efforts from ‘report building and preparation steps’ to analyzing their business, empowering them to be strategic leaders.”

OneStream certification courses are booked

Every developer we speak to is eager to become a certified OneStream architect, but the courses are booked so far in advance that there aren’t any available training dates in sight. We think it’s a telling sign of what’s to come: Architects and developers are looking to catch the next wave of finance software. Clearly, we aren’t alone in thinking OneStream is it.

The price is right

We see an opportunity for small- to medium-size businesses because of OneStream’s unique pricing structure. It’s their biggest differentiator, in our opinion. The fact that OneStream can replace the majority of software and contain this diverse functionality all within one tool with a single user license fee helps to reduce costs and makes it affordable for small- to medium-size companies. No longer do companies have to sacrifice leading-edge financial tools due to cost.

Additionally, OneStream has the flexibility and scalability to grow with companies and offer the right solutions at the right time.

More focus on OneStream

This is why, at Tevpro, we’ve expanded our OneStream practice and have hired a highly experienced OneStream practice director who will oversee this strategic business unit.

All of our solutions architects complete rigorous OneStream certification courses and ongoing training for OneStream MarketPlace solutions. As a smaller firm, we’re also able to enjoy a higher level of collaboration and idea-sharing within our team, which is especially important for more complex projects.

Our goal is to gain recognition for deploying highly talented solutions architects to deliver CPM tools for Fortune 2000 clients. We provide a quick and affordable OneStream implementation, knowledge transfer and ongoing support necessary to drive performance and deliver value.

Interested in discussing a switch to OneStream or having one of our highly trained solution architects take a look at your current configuration?  Contact us.