NG-Conf 2019 Recap

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Another great ng-conf in the books and like every year before, they never seem to disappoint. So many great workshops, talks, and new friends, it is always hard saying goodbye. Now that we are back, I thought it would be a good time to go over some of our favorite highlights and talks.


The keynote spoke numbers, Angular has a large vibrant community. They are pushing new major releases every 6 months and upgrading versions has never been easier (ng update).

  • We should have the official 8.0 in our hands sometime this month (May 2019).
  • The new rendering engine Ivy is opt in 8.0 and will be the default when 9.0 comes out (end of Q4).
  • Ivy allows for breakpoint debugging in HTML. :)
  • Differential loading is landing in 8.0, this means small bundles with separate bundles for older browsers.
  • Bazel for large applications is super exciting.

Talks We Enjoyed

How To Build Your Own RxJS Operators | Ben Lesh & Tracy Lee

NG Conf 2019 Day 3 CDK Is The Coolest Thing You Are Not Using With Jeremy Elbourn

Productivity Revolution: Angular Principles in Node | Kamil Mysliwiec

Before NgRx: Superpowers with RxJS + Facades | Thomas Burleson


Once again, ng-conf never ceases to amaze us. The future of Angular is very bright, I can't wait to see what next year has in store.

Justin Waldrip

Angular • React • Ionic • NestJS • C# • Azure • Next.js