Kscope19 is nearly here!

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What’s a better antidote to Texas summer heat than cool conference rooms at the world’s best Oracle technology conference? So cool in fact, we came up with an (un)official slogan: #MOCA —Make Oracle Cool Again :)

It’s hard to pick favorites, but the best is sure to be found at this year’s ODTUG Kscope19. We are excited to join Oracle experts from around the globe in beautiful Seattle, WA to attend over 300 technical sessions, hands-on training, all-day symposiums, and networking opportunities.

Where will Tevpro be?


The conference kicks off Sunday with all day Oracle Symposiums. We look forward to getting the latest details on 11.2 on-premises, as well as the massively revamped pricing structures for Oracle EPM Cloud services.  Product bundling FTW!


3:45 pm
It’s often said how FCCS isn't HFM light, so it will be very interesting to hear from the Principle HFM Architect at General Electric on the challenges they faced (and overcame) when moving their complex HFM applications to the cloud. We look forward to this deep dive into FCCS.


10:00 am
Many folks assume that they can get by with cloud data management only to realize how much they miss (need?) custom scripting, so we look forward to Tuesday’s case study session on how Legg Mason uses FDMEE to automate the movement of metadata and data between on-prem and EPM Cloud.

2:15 pm
Find us front row to Kevin Hebbel’s presentation on Robotics Process Automation.  We love to see people move beyond the traditional, finding creative ways to make life easier for end users. This track will share how RPA can save countless hours and propel your organization into the future of data collection, analysis, and financial reporting.


9:00 am
We are looking forward to an honest discussion of how technically challenging it can be to migrate a mature on-premises solution into the cloud (they are totally separate code bases, so there's definitely no 1:1 lift & shift). This should be an interesting real-word example to showcase the power of Groovy in creating novel front end design options, simplifying the user experience, and moving away from arduous manual entry towards the business-improving data analytics promised to the CIO.

10:15 am
Saving the best for last, “Docker & Essbase: Bring the Cloud to You” is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Despite a lot of users in the broad EPM space, we suspect that not many are familiar with more traditionally technical tools like Docker and how it can improve your day-to-day.

Erik West

Principal Consultant - Hyperion Solution Architect