Artifical Intelligence

Is open-source generative AI safe for government and publicly traded companies?

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The short answer is no. We recommend against using open-source, commercial, and enterprise-generative AI software for our government and publicly traded clients. We recommend that all clients set guardrails around generative AI to protect their data. Whether in the cloud or on-premise environments, there is no way to tell with certainty that someone isn't using your data to train their models.

At Tevpro, we believe in a security-first approach when leveraging AI and LLMs. Our consultants focus on security to mitigate cybersecurity threats and identify data vulnerabilities from the start of every client engagement. We work with your technical, legal, and security teams to identify and reduce risks and spot potential up-line issues before they happen. A collaborative approach can help ensure that the implementation of AI is safe, secure, and aligned with the client's business objectives.

Whether we implement power chatbots, experiment with prompts to prevent hallucinations, or use GenAI to inform decision-making processes, we, as technologists, must do so safely and responsibly.

Please reach out for more ways to safely and responsibly implement artificial intelligence into your business. We are more than just another technology consulting firm. Located in Houston, Texas, our team of highly-technical consultants live and work by our values.

We find tremendous value in logical thinking and believe that taking the time to think through the pros and cons of every possible solution helps our team build optimal strategies and avoids the time and hassle of turning the ship around midstream to fix preventable problems. If you are looking for a technology partner that works to amplify your IT resources or your business lacks a dedicated team, we can help.