Calibrating Permissions Using Fine-Grained Personal Access Tokens

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When working with clients, we frequently use GitHub Semantic-Release, as a way to automate the package and release workflow. Setting up GitHub Actions to work with Semantic-Release requires using a Personal Access Token (PAT). PATs are mighty for allowing processes running inside a GitHub Action to perform actions like committing code, automating issue creation on build failures, generating tags, or creating releases by acting as a password to impersonate a user.

Until recently, there wasn't a great way to limit where PATs exercise this power. Fortunately, in October 2022, GitHub introduced Fine-Grained Personal Access Tokens (FG-PATs) (in beta).

What are Fine-Grained Personal Access Tokens?

With the public beta, Fine-Grained Personal Access Tokens (FG-PATs) offer you greater control over permissions and features that can be used when triggering an action. Using FG-PATs, you can control repository permissions such as workflow access, codespaces, metadata access, and more.

Setting Repository Permissions

GitHub through FG-PATs allows you to limit their scope by specifying which repositories they can be used.

Fine-Grained Personal Access Token - Repository Selection

When working with clients, these new limits in scope make it vastly safer for our team by eliminating the possibility of a bad actor using one of our accounts/PATs to cross organizations (clients).

Calibrating Semantic-Release Permissions

Semantic-Release provides documentation about what permissions are required for using GitHub Actions. However, upon reading this documentation, you will find that it does not yet cover Fine-Grained Personal Access Tokens (FG-PATs). Through some trial and error, we have found that the following permissions enable Semantic-Release to be run via GitHub Action.

  • Actions - Access: Read/Write
  • Commit Statuses - Access: Read-only
  • Contents - Access: Read/Write
  • Issues - Access: Read/Write
  • Metadata - Access: Read-only
  • Pull Requests - Access: Read-only

Final thoughts

Semantic-Release is necessary for automating project releases, and with fine-grained PATs, we now have even greater control over what actions can be performed.  If you have questions about specific permissions surrounding Semantic Release using FG-PATs, please reach out. We'd love to hear from you.

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