Are you struggling with the Oracle EPM 11.2 upgrade?

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Usually, implementing point release upgrades is a relatively minor endeavor. But upgrading on-prem users from 11.1.2.x to Oracle EPM 11.2 has revealed some particularly challenging issues you should be aware of.

You may be thinking—why am I hearing so much about the Oracle EPM 11.2 upgrade lately? The biggest reason we encourage clients to upgrade sooner rather than later is that Oracle will end premier support for EPM 11.1.2.x users in December 2021 (see page 41 of the Oracle support policy).

And if you’re thinking that this upgrade is something you can easily handle in-house, consider some of the nuances our EPM consultants have discovered while helping our clients with the 11.2 upgrade.

The necessity of technical expertise

Take for example EPM Architect (EPMA). Once you upgrade to 11.2, all prior versions of EPMA will no longer be available. If you’re currently using EPMA to manage and share metadata across your EPM applications, be aware that Oracle Data Relationship Manager (DRM), doesn’t have this functionality built in. You’ll need a dedicated resource or EPM specialist to perform technical validations, and more time than you care to set aside to implement this application.

The good news is that Oracle DRM is a powerful tool and offers you more flexibility and versatility. It provides more of a “sandbox” around validation of metadata before deploying into your EPM destinations. However, be aware that "more flexibility and versatility" also means more complexity, countless configuration options, and likely the need for an experienced consultant to setup and maintain your DRM.

Another nuance we want to caution clients about is data synchronization. In 11.2, you won’t be able to use data synchronizations between EPMA applications to update non-numeric data. This means you’ll lose functionality to process smart lists, text, and other non-numeric planning data types without substantial configuration in DRM. Without the optimal workaround for these lost functionalities, it could be disruptive to your business. We encourage you to call us before you attempt this upgrade. Having an EPM specialist on the job will save you time, money, and frustration.


Unless EPM is your niche specialty, this all can seem overwhelming. In our experience helping clients upgrade to Oracle EPM 11.2 we’ve successfully created and implemented workarounds for the issues outlined above, as well as many others.

Need help figuring out what your Oracle EPM 11.2 upgrade may involve and how to make the process successful?  To discuss your company’s needs in more detail, schedule a free assessment call today.